Clinic Appointments Case Study

Clinic Appointments

Using hosted numbers and services to provide a top class call answering and diary management service for clients

Services - VoIP, hosted numbers, virtual switchboard


Clinic Appointments, a company offering call answering and diary management services for clinics and health practitioners, approached us over 10 years ago to help them create a reliable and flexible phone system to handle clients’ calls.

Using a combination of services, we designed a service where multiple Virtual Assistants (VA’s) spread across the country could answer each client’s calls with the right company name, then either book an appointment, forward a message or log the call, as appropriate.

Each client is allocated a hosted phone number which they use to feed calls into the Clinic Appointments system.

The time of day service is used to automatically manage their opening hours, which vary from day to day (8am-7pm Mon-Thu, 8am-6:30pm Fri, 9am-1pm Sat, closed Sun). During business hours, any incoming calls are distributed to the virtual assistants on duty via a group divert service (hunt group) set up through a virtual switchboard.

Supervisor Features

A supervisor manages the hunt group via the wallboard service, monitoring call volume and the activity of the VA’s on duty. The shift manager service handles VA’s logging on and off for their shifts, whilst also allowing work patterns to be planned long in advance.

Calls are distributed evenly across all available VA’s. When a call comes through the system identifies which client it is for and the VA hears a ‘whisper message’ so they can answer in the right name.

Most VA’s use their home landlines to receive calls, so their numbers are registered on the system and fully integrated with the company switchboard. Supervisors are also set up with a VoIP phone linked to the internal network so they can make free internal calls and keep the management team updated.

Heather Hopkins, Operations Manager at Clinic Appointments, said:

We’ve been with Callagenix for well over a decade now and our business has grown a lot in that time. It’s important for us that our phone system is flexible enough to grow with us and adapt to our requirements, which the Callagenix service definitely is.

It’s easy for us to add new clients to the system by adding a new number to our account and allocating it to them. From there it’s a simple matter to get them fully integrated into our system with no hassle.

Similarly, it’s easy for us to add a new virtual assistant to the team by simply adding their phone number to our system.

In our many years working with Callagenix we’ve never had a problem with the service breaking down or the call quality being poor – for a business like ours which is so reliant on the phone this is a major plus point.

We often recommend Callagenix to our own clients too – that’s how highly we rate them.

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