John Gale Case Study

J Gale General Builders

To provide a local number and route customer calls to any phone including mobile

Services - Call Divert


John Gale - General Builders (JGGB) is a small building and design company providing building works to clients in the South West of England.

During discussions we discovered they had 4 main issues they needed to resolve:

  • Needed to take calls on home number and on mobile, depending on where they were working.
  • They were missing calls from potential customers
  • They did not want to give out their home telephone number to customers, or install a new BT line.
  • Needed the facility to accept voicemails and faxes.

Once we had identified their requirements, we were able to set up their service over the phone for them. John Gale – General Builders selected a local 01275 number and set up a simple welcome message for callers.

Now, when a prospect or customer calls them, they are greeted with the this welcome message while in the background the call is being diverted to JGGB. This is either at their home landline number or their mobile number, depending on which they have set up at the time.

Whisper Message

When the call is received, a caller pre-announcement (whisper message) lets JGGB know it is a business call so they can answer the call in a professional manner. The caller is not aware of this. If they can’t answer the call or choose not to, the caller is automatically sent to voicemail so they can leave a message. This is then sent to JGGB by email with the message attached as a ".wav" file. An SMS notification is also sent to their mobile to inform them they have a message waiting. Messages can be accessed by listening to the audio file in the email, or by calling the voicemail inbox from any phone.

The fax to email service included lets JGGB receive faxes sent to their local number. The Callagenix system recognizes when a fax is sent and converts it to a pdf file, which is then forwarded by email or is available to view online.

We are now able to take all calls on any telephone, or any other number I choose. When taking calls at home the caller pre-announcement feature tells me its a call for the business and not a family call. The end result has been to allow potential customers to reach me anywhere and to separate business calls from home calls without the expence of installing new lines from BT.

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