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Many departments within the NHS and PCT’s have the need, whether it be for quality or regulatory reasons, to record telephone calls between clinicians and patients.

Although some PCT’s had inbound recording facilities on their PBX system, few had any outbound capabilities. Also, those PCT’s that could record telephone calls could not easily archive and retrieve them. In addition, few PCT’s had enough staff resource to manage the process of archiving and retrieving patient’s phone calls.

PCT’s also had to deal with issues and questions such as:

  • Should they invest thousands in buying recording equipment for their PBX?
  • How easy is it to use and administer?
  • Can we record multiple concurrent phone calls?
  • Departments did not want to handle the storage and security of phone calls.
  • How easy can recorded phone calls be located, if and when needed?

By taking advantage of the Callagenix patient call recording service, PCT’s that require patient calls to be recorded can now do this from any phone. All calls are securely stored digitally and there’s no need for them to buy or change any hardware.

How does it work?

PCT’s are given either a local 01/02 number or a national 08 phone number to call. Clinicians who need to record their calls to patients ring this number and are then asked to input a PIN number (PlN’s can be customised or removed).

They are then invited to dial the patient’s phone number. From that moment onwards it is a normal phone call, except the call is being digitally and securely recorded. When the call has finished, the recording is stopped and immediately archived in your secure Callagenix account. At the time of archiving, recordings are stamped with a range of information allowing calls to be quickly and easy retrieved at a later date.

Calls that need to be recorded can be made from any telephone including your office, mobiles or home phones. For clinicians “on call” working from home, the service can be set up to withhold their home telephone number when calling a patient, or alternatively it can present your main office contact number.

Calls can be located by:

  • Date and time
  • Phone number dialled
  • Phone used to call the patient
  • User defined comments field

For each recorded call, comments fields can be added and amended e.g. “Spoke to patient in January 2007 about xyz ....”

When you need to find a phone record, a powerful yet easy to use control panel allows you to search the archive using the fields above, or a combination of them

How long can the recordings be stored for, and how many?

Recordings are stored on the system for a minimum of 3 months, up to a maximum of 36 months.  It is possible to archive recordings for longer than 36 months if required, but we’ll need to set this up for you. Please contact us for details.

Whatever storage timeframe is chosen activates an “x month moving window” e.g. If 12 months storage is chosen, a 12 month moving window will be activated allowing old, month 1 recordings to be automatically deleted when the time window moves to month 13 and so on.

Calls are securely recorded in telephone quality sound files using “.wav” file format. As a result, file sizes are kept to a minimum allowing you to record 5,000 minutes of phone calls for £25.00 per month.

Downloading & FTP access

Phone recordings can either be downloaded individually or automatically downloaded using FTP transfer. Full instructions on how to do this are provided when you have created your account.

Other Features

If you use other Callagenix services, you can also store and retrieve your voicemails and faxes in the same way as phone recordings. In addition, with OCR recognition, which will allowing faxes to be searched by their text contents.

Callagenix can also provide inbound call recording if you need it. However, this also depends upon your existing telephone number and switchboard PBX setup. Please contact us for further details.


Unlimited call recording and storage starts from only £25.00 per month plus call charges. Call forward and record service 40 ppd. This equates to approximately 100 hours of telephone recording (3 month minimum commitment. Up to 500mb of storage included, additional 500mb cost £10 per month).

NHS Case Study

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