Syniverse Technologies

Syniverse Technologies

Services - International Numbers, Call divert services


Syniverse use our range of toll-free, international numbers for their conference services, routing calls from all over the world back to the USA.

As Callagenix provide number services in over 100 countries worldwide we were able to cover all the areas around the globe required by Syniverse Technologies.

Syniverse's Raymond Sanders said:

We appreciates the global coverage your company provides. Some of our new request for toll free numbers could be in emerging market regions with legacy telephony conditions.

One aspect I must mention that really means a lot to the company and me is the ability to directly contact a main source person to place a request order and watch the outstanding turn-around time with your completion of the request. I consider this a priceless commodity to have at our fingertips.

As always the best regards to you and Callagenix for your continued outstanding services for our Syniverse Technologies company and we look forward to keep using Callagenix as our international toll free provider.

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