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Tailored Time

Services - Call Divert, Operator Transfer, Voicemail


Tailored Time provide innovative workforce solutions to companies of all sizes to meet the challenges of today's hectic business environment.

Their services include Virtual PA Services, such as, professional call handling, diary management services, audio typing and PA administration.

Tailored Time came to us wanting to set up a flexible phone solution to handle all their calls. When deciding how to structure their phone services, they had to consider many factors, such as:

• Should they invest thousands in new PBX hardware?
• How could they quickly and easily set up new client accounts?
• How could they create new business support teams working from multiple locations without this being a lot of hassle?
• How could they account for each of their clients separately and provide them with real time call and billing data?

Previously, if Tailored Time wanted to set up new business support teams or virtual assistants for clients, they would have needed to install a new BT line for each new client to distinguish between each client’s calls, or otherwise purchase a new PBX call centre system costing many thousands of pounds. What’s more, they would still have to guess how many telephone circuits / lines would be needed. In addition, the PBX system did not lend itself to easily connect VA’s working from home.

Hosted services

When they contacted Callagenix, we were able to provide them with the perfect solution with our hosted Call and Group Divert Services. With these in place, Tailored Time were able to easily add new clients simply by assigning them a Callagenix service. Their clients could then divert their existing number to the service, or even set up a new number if they prefered.

Client calls were then routed to the appropriate VA, or group of VA’s, wherever they are located. Before the VA accepts the call, the service plays a short message to announce which client the call is for, so they can answer accordingly. The caller does not hear this message, only a ring tone or on hold music. Once the VA has taken the call, they also have the option of transferring the call to any telephone number if they need to.

Call records

When the call ends, Tailored Time have access to a detailed call record including the date, time, duration and cost, which gives them the information they need to accurately bill their client.
Additional services may include “Call Recording” for specific clients, audio typing or just for quality purposes and IP telephony Voip to help reduce call costs.

Tailored Time Managing Director, Sarah Green, said:

Callagenix provides an excellent scalable service which allows us to achieve this without having to heavily invest in call answering software which has to be located at our offices in London. Our clients are very happy with the service that we provide and we can deliver this within budget which is key to a growing business.

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