00 800-nnnnnnnn, Colombia UIFN - Number Information

Colombia UIFN Colombia Code : +57

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00 800-nnnnnnnn UIFN Telephone Number
Colombia UIFN Number Setup From£150.00
Monthly 00 800-nnnnnnnn Number Rental From£10.00
Call Cost from Landline35p per minute
Call Cost from MobileSame cost as landline, if number is accessible from mobile.
Minimum Monthly BillingNot Applicable
Advanced Services Costs00 800-nnnnnnnn, Colombia phone numbers can be used with Callagenix advanced services. Service rental would be 40p per day, see Service Pricing for a breakdown.
Notes and RestrictionsFreephone ITFS 0800 numbers may not be reachable from all mobile and payphone networks.
Freephone ITFS 0800 numbers ca...
Divert CostsCalculate divert costs for numbers to 00 800-nnnnnnnn with our Divert Cost Calculator

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