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International Phone Numbers in Germany Germany Dialling Code : +49

All the number types for Germany that are available from Callagenix are listed below, grouped into their respective categories.

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Overview of Telephone Numbers for Germany
Number Types National, Freephone / Toll Free, Regional, UIFN in Germany (+49)
Freephone ITFS 0800 numbers may not be reachable from all mobile and payphone networks.
Freephone ITFS 0800 numbers can only be called from inside this country.

UIFN numbers can be called inside and outside this country.
UIFN numbers may not be accessible from all mobile networks.
Please note that ITFS and UIFN are not guaranteed from internal roamers.

National / Regional / Local numbers can be called from outside of this country, providing the international country code is used.
Available Germany Phone Services Virtual Switchboard, Answer Phone, Call Diversion, Group Divert, Fax To Email, Call Conference, Call recording & Storage Read more »
Notes and Restrictions For most local Geographical numbers, a local address is required in the city corresponding to the geographical zone of requested number. The address will be substantiated by an objective document showing a link between user and address. (Call for more Information +44 870 626 0626)
For national numbers, the location of the end user (place of residence/business) corresponding to relevant geographic zone is required. The customer will submit to Callagenix the required address before activat... Read more >>
Case Study International Phone Numbers Case Study,
Available Number Types for Germany
Freephone / Toll Free
0 800 nnn nnnn
00 800-nnnnnnnn
National (3222)
Aachen (241)Augsburg (821)Bergisch Gladbach (2202)Berlin (30)Bielefeld (521)Boblingen (7031)
Bochum (234)Bonn (228)Bottrop (2041)Braunschweig (531)Bremen (421)Bremerhaven (471)
Chemnitz (371)Cottbus (355)Darmstadt (6151)Dessau Anh (340)Dortmund (231)Dresden (351)
Duisburg (203)Duren (2421)Dusseldorf (211)Erfurt (361)Erlangen (9131)Essen (201)
Flensburg (461)Frankfurt (69)Frankfurt Am Main (69)Freiburg (761)Furth Odenw (6253)Gelsenkirchen (209)
Gottingen (551)Gutersloh (5241)Hagen Westf (2331)Halle Saale (345)Hamburg (40)Hamm Westf (2381)
Hanau (6181)Hannover (511)Heidelberg (6221)Heilbronn (7131)Herne (2323)Hildesheim (5121)
Ingolstadt (841)Iserlohn (2371)Jena (3641)Kaiserslautern (631)Karlsruhe (721)Kassel (561)
Kiel (431)Koblenz A Rhein (261)Koln (221)Krefeld (2151)Leipzig (341)Leverkusen (214)
Lubeck (451)Ludwigsburg Wurtt (7141)Lunen (2306)Magdeburg (391)Mainz (6131)Mannheim (621)
Marl (2365)Minden Westf (571)Moers (2841)Monchengladbach (2161)Munich (89)Munster (251)
Neuss (2131)Nuernberg (911)Oberhausen (208)Oldenburg In Holstein (4361)Osnabruck (541)Paderborn (5251)
Pforzheim (7231)Potsdam (331)Ratingen (2102)Recklinghausen (2361)Regensburg (941)Remscheid (2191)
Reutlingen (7121)Rostock (381)Saarbrucken (681)Salzgitter (5341)Schwerin Meckl (385)Siegen (271)
Solingen (212)Stuttgart (711)Trier (651)Ulm (731)Velbert (2051)Wiesbaden (611)
Wilhelmshaven (4421)Witten (2302)Wolfsburg (5361)Wuppertal (202)Wurzburg (931)Zwickau (375)

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