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Cable Theft Threatens UK Telecoms Network

Written by Imran on August 09 2010

The theft of cable used for telecommunication networks has increased by nearly 10% and British Telecom says it is threatening services throughout the country. They intend to fight back with an invisible solution ‘SmartWater.’



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Two New 116 Numbers

Written by Imran on August 05 2010

Ofcom has released two new 116 helpline numbers which will be available in the UK as well as across Europe.

The first number is 116 006 and it will act as a helpline for crime…

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Ofcom Flags Up Complaints

Written by Imran on August 02 2010

Whether or not Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone, one thing which is not in dispute is that we now rely on the phone so much that when it goes wrong we…

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The Virtual Assistant

Written by Imran on July 27 2010

When the poet W H Davies wrote in 1911, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare” he might have been predicting one of the side effects…

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Broadband Target Scrapped

Written by Imran on July 22 2010

The great British broadband saga continues to wobble along like a wagon with only three wheels.

And the latest nail in the broadband coffin has been hit firmly home by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt who…


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BT Charges To Rise

Written by Imran on July 19 2010

In a move to encourage customers to sign up for inclusive packages, BT has announced that it will increase ordinary call charges by 10% and increase line rental by 50p per month with effect from…

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POTs, Or Writing On The Wall?

Written by Imran on July 12 2010

Read certain US websites and you get the feeling that anyone who still has a landline telephone is akin to an aging dinosaur.

Indeed, one US ‘trend’ website confidently predicts that by 2012, all landlines…


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Roaming Charges Fall

Written by Imran on July 08 2010

August is traditionally a slow news month.  The press are therefore hungry to hear of human interest and holiday disaster stories to fill the empty pages.

Unfortunately for the papers, one such story relating to…

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Mobile Internet Restrictions

Written by Imran on July 05 2010

Here we go. Just as smartphones begin to get popular, the network providers begin to clamp down on the amount of time you can spend surfing.

But far from just an inconvenience, this encapsulates…

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VOIP Calls On Apple?

Written by Imran on July 01 2010

The launch of the Apple iPhone 4 towards the end of June came with a sense of déjà vu.  As for previous Apple launches the media delighted in reporting stories of long queues of eager…

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