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How Much Money Are You Wasting On Your Phone Bill?

Written by Imran on May 02 2011

The National Billmonitor Mobile report released recently makes startling reading. The company, which operates the UK’s only Ofcom-accredited mobile comparison calculator, analysed over 28,000 mobile phone bills and compared them against available contracts within the…

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What Price A Shrinking Market?

Written by Imran on April 04 2011

The recent announcement from BT that it is to put up its prices at the end of April has come as a shock to many consumers. With call charges having risen by 10% and line…

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Careless Talk Costs Pounds

Written by Imran on March 21 2011

The ongoing saga of telephone hacking never seems to rest. Look for telephone news on the internet and the chances are that your search engine will return pages stuffed with “latest victim” revelations. Whilst these…

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The End Of Rollovers

Written by Imran on March 11 2011

Ofcom have started a consultation period, up to 12 May, with a view to ending the practice of automatically rolling over telephone and broadband contracts at the end of each period. Although rollover contracts were…

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