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Phone Tapping

Written by Imran on September 16 2010

The News of the World phone tapping row rumbles on like a thunderstorm caught in a never ending loop. On 6 September, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, responded to a question on phone tapping in…

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Reviewing Your Phone System

Written by Imran on September 13 2010

In recognition of the start of a fresh university year, Ofcom have produced a guide to choosing the right telephone package for students. Whilst some of the areas covered in the guide apply mainly to…

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Is It 116, 111, or Whatever?

Written by Imran on September 09 2010

Hot off the heels of the new 116 helpline numbers from the European Commission, comes a new non-emergency 111 health number which this time is the brainchild of the North East region of the UK. Tags:

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Bet On Overseas Rates

Written by Imran on September 06 2010

At the end of July the bookmakers William Hill announced that they had taken the decision to move their telephone gambling service to Gibraltar and close their telephone betting operation in the UK.  William Hill…


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Project Canvas, Driving Broadband Forward

Written by Imran on September 02 2010

Project Canvas is the working title for a project to provide a full television service and more via the internet. Whilst each television channel presently offers some form of “watch again” and live streaming, project…

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The Rise Of Social Media

Written by Imran on August 30 2010

According to a recent Ofcom report, we are all spending more time watching TV and using mobiles and other communication devices.  In fact, on average we spend 45% of our waking hours on these activities.…

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TalkTalk Costs More More

Written by Imran on August 26 2010

Phone and broadband service provider TalkTalk has attracted some critical attention from the media and industry experts alike with a set of new monthly line rental charges due to start on 1 October, 2010.


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Sewer Broadband Plan Scrapped

Written by Imran on August 23 2010

The UK’s sewers might not be your first thought when it comes to super fast broadband networks, but in Bournemouth, it did hold out the hope for a bright new internet and Tags: ofcom

Warnings On Phone Fraud Scam

Written by Imran on August 18 2010

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is warning about fraudsters making telephone calls pretending to be from HMRC. The thieves will tell you that you have a tax rebate due and ask for…


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Cable Theft Threatens UK Telecoms Network

Written by Imran on August 09 2010

The theft of cable used for telecommunication networks has increased by nearly 10% and British Telecom says it is threatening services throughout the country. They intend to fight back with an invisible solution ‘SmartWater.’



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