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When Disaster Strikes, Communication Is Key

Written by Imran on October 21 2010

The British Standards Institute has recently brought out some additional guidance for the Business Continuity Standard BS25999. This guidance (PD25111) relates to the human aspects of Business Continuity.

Recognising the way in which an incident…

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Catch The Pigeon

Written by Imran on October 18 2010

It’s official, pigeons are faster than UK broadband speeds.

Well, at least they are when comparing them with rural broadband speeds.

Nevertheless, the recent stunt to demonstrate some of the poor…

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The Landline / Mobile Call Debate

Written by Imran on October 15 2010

No less a publication than The Economist, revered for its economic and political analysis, has entered into debate as to which method of making and receiving a telephone is best: landline, or mobile.

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Switching Your Communications Provider

Written by Imran on October 11 2010

Research by Ofcom has shown that many people believe that it is “too much hassle” to consider switching their broadband or landline providers. Of those interviewed who had not considered a switch…

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Calling China

Written by Imran on October 07 2010

Analysts were slightly worried when Chinese growth figures for the second quarter of 2010 came out at a “mere” 10.3%, suggesting a slight slowdown in the world’s third largest economy. Then out came the August…

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Android Stalks Landline Phone Market

Written by Imran on September 27 2010

The good news is that Motorola has not forgotten that landline phones still exist and with the introduction of the Motorola HS1001 cordless Android handset, it makes a change to see an exciting new telecommunications…

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Flush That Phone

Written by Imran on September 16 2010

Consider this the next time you make a call: phones have nearly 20 times more germs than a toilet handle.

A recent report in the media suggests that phone handsets, mobile…


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Phone Tapping

Written by Imran on September 16 2010

The News of the World phone tapping row rumbles on like a thunderstorm caught in a never ending loop. On 6 September, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, responded to a question on phone tapping in…

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Reviewing Your Phone System

Written by Imran on September 13 2010

In recognition of the start of a fresh university year, Ofcom have produced a guide to choosing the right telephone package for students. Whilst some of the areas covered in the guide apply mainly to…

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