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London Riding High In The Business World

Written by Imran on June 07 2010

A recent survey by Think London showed that 90% of overseas owned companies were happy with keeping a base in London.  Think London is a not for profit agency which has been set up with…

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British Telecom Tablet Hard to Swallow

Written by Imran on May 24 2010

Newspapers and websites have been reporting that a tablet style computer is being launched by British Telecom which is set to go head-to-head with the iPad. The so-called British Telecom tablet, which has not…

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Callagenix –- Make The Right Call

Written by Imran on May 21 2010

Back in the day business telephony infrastructure was expensive, complex and took precious time to setup. The telephony and communication playing field has changed. Using out-dated telephone systems can hinder your business growth.  Any business…

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SMS Notification Enhancement

Written by nilfg on May 03 2010

The SMS notification option within Callagenix Mailboxes was enhanced last year so that multiple phone numbers could be supported. When turned on the message notification would be sent to each number listed in the comma…

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OFCOM: Approval of the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice

Written by nilfg on April 30 2010

OFCOM have today published a consultation document seeking comments on whether Ofcom should approve, under section 121 of the Communications Act 2003, a new edition of the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice for regulating Premium Rate…

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