4 reasons not to choose VoIPinclusive

Our popular VoIpinclusive service is a great choice for small and medium sized businesses.

However, we understand that it may not be right for everyone, so here are 4 good reasons why it may not be for you:

1. You prefer owning your own equipment

When we set up a new client with a VoIPinclusive system, we supply all the hardware they need, such as handsets, base stations, and routers.

In addition, we use cloud-hosted services such as our virtual switchboard to make it easy to manage your system and handle calls however you want. As well as making things easy, this has extra benefits, such as built in business continuity/disaster recovery advantages.

Still, we appreciate it’s not for everyone. Some people love having a physical pbx on site. Not only is it fun shelling out a significant sum to own one, they can also take great pleasure from trying to program it, maintain it, repair it when it starts playing up, then ultimately replace it.

Plus, there’s also the added element of danger than a localised disaster such as a fire or flood will take down your whole phone system. Still, it’s good to own all your equipment - that’s why watching tapes on your Betamax is a much better option than Netflix. 

2. You love paying line rental

As long as you have a good broadband connection, multiple users can all use a single line. Most of the time a small business can run all it’s calls through a single broadband connection with plenty of bandwidth to spare. We also install the line and include the rental in your monthly payment.

Still, why use a single line when you can feel important and rent multiple lines? Nothing says success like having 6 phone lines for your phone system - except for when 7 or more people want to make a call at the same time. It’s also good to give your customers the gift of an engaged tone every so often - it keeps them keen. 

3. You LOVE surprises!

With VoIpinclusive we include pretty much everything you need for a fixed monthly fee. Sure, if you want to spend your day on the premium rate chat lines you’ll pay extra, but for most small businesses everything they need is covered.

The fixed monthly rate covers all hardware, line rental, all calls to UK landlines and mobiles, calls to over 100 international destinations, up to 10 virtual numbers and all the services you want.

There are no hidden extras and we’re happy to share with you the small number of exceptions up front (they’ll make sense when you see them).

The downside of this is that the fixed rate makes your monthly bill boringly low and predictable. Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the thrill as you tear open the envelope and hurry to see how much your phone bill is this month? Will the amount demanded be low, or high? Will there be a massive spike? 

If the sound of a low, predictable fee sounds boring, then VoIPinclusive definitely isn’t for you.

4. It’s flexible.

Some people don’t like change, and that’s okay. Once they’ve set up their phone system then that’s that and they’ll muddle through with it how it is.

However, if your business needs a bit more flexibility, then VoIPinclusive is ideal. You can add more users as you grow, and also add more virtual numbers, extensions and call handling services

If you need to set up remote workers on the same system you can easily do that too, so no matter how your business is structured, you can still take advantage of the service and set it up to match your requirements, then easily update them as your business grows.

So there we have it.

If VoiPinclusive isn’t for you, then no hard feelings. Maybe one of our other services is a better fit. However, if you think a fixed price phone system with pretty much everything covered would benefit your business, then get in touch today.

Written by Matt