4 Ways to Save Money with our VoIPinclusive Service

Choosing to invest in products and services to grow your business is a smart choice.

Save Money With VoIPinclusivePaying over the odds for products and services that don’t match your requirements or help you grow is obviously not such a good idea.

That’s why we’re always keen to tell business users about our VoIPinclusive service – a sophisticated all-in-one business phone service that can save most users a lot of money.

Here are 4 ways VoIPinclusive can help cut your telephony costs:


  1. Save on line rental. With a VoIP system you won’t need to keep on paying for multiple ISDN lines and can therefore save a lot of money each month. A single VoIPinclusive line can handle multiple calls simultaneously. The exact amount will depend on the broadband speed at your premises, but a decent fibre or even regular broadband connection can usually comfortably handle all call volume for a small business.
  2. Save money on calls. With VoIPinclusive, all your incoming and outgoing call volume is included in your fixed monthly payment. This includes calls to UK mobiles and landlines, as well as over 100 international destinations. There are a few exceptions, such as calls made to premium rate numbers, some international destinations and also incoming calls made to your 0800 number, but most businesses will never have to worry about excessive phone bills again.
  3. Save money on hardware. As part of your VoIPinclusive service, we provide all the equipment you need. This includes a dedicated broadband connection, all phones and routers, and a cloud hosted virtual pbx you can update yourself at any time. There’s no expensive pbx hardware to buy.
  4. Save money on maintenance, upgrades and repairs. As we provide the virtual pbx and all the hardware you need, you don’t need to worry about maintaining and equipment or paying to repair / upgrade it. Should your service need any updates we handle this behind the scenes, with no interruption or loss of service. It’s minimum hassle and maximum benefit to you.

Of course, it’s not just about saving money. With our business grade VoIPinclusive service you receive a better service with more options and more flexibility.

Here are 3 ways you could tweak your new VoIPinclusive system to actually make you money:

  1. Add an 0800 number to your VoIPinclusive service. Freephone numbers have been proven to generate more calls. Sure, you will have to pay a little extra in call costs (with an 0800 number you are paying for the cost of the call, not the caller), but that’s worth doing if you can convert the additional leads into sales. Your 0800 number can operate alongside your regular numbers in your VoIPinclusive system, and calls can be handled however you select.
  2. Add a revenue generating number. A revenue generating number, namely the 0844, 0871 and 0872 ranges, can help offset your costs when provided support. Another alternative if you offer technical support as a paid for service is to use an 090 premium rate number to charge for this. If any of these options appeal, we recommend you contact us first to discuss the options. B2C businesses should also be aware that there are rules in place that might prevent you from offering a low cost number for sales, then a higher cost number for post-sales support. Click here for more information. LINK
  3. Optimize your set up. Our virtual pbx and range of hosted phone services offer great choice and flexibility when you’re deciding how to set up your phone system. By putting some thought into how you handle calls, you could improve your efficiency and free up valuable time to focus your efforts elsewhere. Some examples of this might be answering frequently asked questions by recorded message, directing calls immediately to the appropriate person, rather than luck of the draw, or even removing key personnel from general call answering duties so they can work uninterrupted on important tasks. Regular interruptions can be a real productivity killer, so it makes sense to allow key members of staff to work without being disturbed.

Other Benefits

As well as having a lower, fixed phone bill each month, as well as many more options, there are other benefits to choosing VoIPinclusive, such as:

  • Built in business continuity. As your phone service is hosted in the cloud, rather than at a specific physical location, you are protected in the event of your premises being hit by a disaster such as a flood or fire. In such as an event, you could quickly log in to your control panel and divert calls elsewhere, for example to staff mobiles, a back-up office or short-term to a recorded message and answerphone service. We strongly recommend you create a disaster recovery / business continuity plan for your business. With a cloud hosted phone system you’re most of the way there as regards communications anyway.
  • Connect multiple sites. If you have offices at more than one site, you can connect them all under one system with VoIPinclusive. That way you can make free internal calls and transfer callers to any other site at the push of a button. A cloud hosted system allows you to unite all branches of your business under a single phone system.
  • Enable remote working. Similarly, if you have staff or contractors that sometimes work from home, you can easily add them to your VoIP system. With the use of a free app, you can also enable your sales team to make and receive calls through your VoIP service on their mobile  wherever they can get a wireless signal.

As you can see, VoIPinclusive has the potential to have big, positive impact on your business. You can cut costs, improve efficiency and also create a phone system matched perfectly to your needs.

Contact us today to find out if VoIPinclusive is the best option for your business - we're happy to answer your questions and suggest alternatives if we think one of our other solutions is a better fit for you. 

Written by Matt