A Charitable Call

According to research by charity platform JustGiving, Bedford is the most generous town in the UK.  Analysing on-line donors by percentage of population reveals that in the last year 52% of Bedford inhabitants made a donation through the site.

Commenting on the results of the survey to the BBC Amanda Rochester who helps run the Keech Hospice charity shop in Bedford said “Even with the climate as it is, people still want to help.”  Behind Bedford in the survey came Cambridge (38%) and Bristol (36%).  When it came to average donation by town, Sevenoaks topped the list with an average donation of £42.29 per giver, followed by Harpenden and London.

One of the benefits of using sites such as JustGiving is that they are quick and simple to use, a significant benefit when our daily lives are already packed with work, family and friends.  People are generous by nature and if charities can tap into that generosity then the donations are more likely to flow. 

When it comes to supporting charities the British public turn out in numbers.  Whether it is giving time or expertise, donations of goods or cash we like to help.  UK companies too are playing their part with a report from the Charities Aid Foundation revealing that FTSE 100 companies doubled their donations to good causes in the five years to 2012.

However, charities can’t rely on the goodwill of companies alone; they have to be able to reach out to other organisations and to individuals who will be able to help them to further their aims. Whether looking for donations, running or sponsoring an event, or even simply reaching out to those in need; the more accessible that charities can be, the greater the potential to carry out their chosen mission. And whilst websites, appearances in local media and street collections can help, it is important not to underestimate the value of maintaining a good telephone service.

In recognition the benefit which charities bring to the community, Callagenix has put together a special package for the charity sector.  This package includes a substantial discount from our regular service costs allied to reduced call charges.  The service cost discount enables charities to benefit from rates which would normally only be available to larger corporate clients.

The key element of the Callagenix charity package is the availability of 0300 phone numbers.  These numbers are reserved solely for charities and other non-profit organisations, helping to make the number instantly recognisable.  Better still, because 0300 numbers are treated in the same way as a standard rate call they form part of the ‘minutes’ package from both landline and mobile.  This benefits potential callers, as the call is potentially cheaper, as well as charities, as callers are more likely to call.  0300 numbers are also simple to call from overseas by using the prefix +44.

The charity sector hasn’t had it easy in the recession with; having faced an increased demand for help alongside a reduction in overall donations.  Making charities visible with 0300 numbers and helping them to run a cost effective phone service is one way in which we can help them to carry on supporting the people of the UK and across the world. 

Written by Alison