A Global Hub for Business

The release of the London First report, ‘London 2036: an Agenda for Jobs and Growth’ makes fascinating reading; and not just for Londoners either. Aiming to support the delivery of secure jobs and growth in London over the next 20 years, the plan is particularly interesting in that it is business-led rather than politically led.

The report identifies ten areas of focus if London is to deliver the growth required to keep it as a global leader. These include investment, training, infrastructure considerations and developmental support for people, SME and larger businesses. The plan also considers the way in which London should leverage its strengths to support UK wide growth. 

Alongside areas such as the training of technical talent and the improvement of digital connectivity, one aim which caught our eye was an increased focus on emerging markets coupled with an improvement in global access. Admittedly the initial stages of the report equated global access with improved transport links but this aim to improve the potential for trade with the rest of the world equates with the Government’s own aim to build export growth.

One of the key elements of any drive to increase trade is the ability to have robust and appropriate communication links in place. Web connectivity goes a long way towards this, particularly if businesses are able to communicate with overseas suppliers and customers via internet telephony or VoIP. But for those who are looking to reach the general body of consumers who may not have access to internet telephony there are still plenty of options available.

The ambitious business which seeks to reach a range of potential customers across the globe may well opt for a universal international freephone number. This is a single freephone number which can be dialled from within a range of countries.  However, depending on the country concerned not all UIFNs are accessible from mobiles. 

Moving down the order, if a business wants to advertise a more country-centric attitude it may well opt for an international freephone or international national number. These are country-specific but can attract callers from across the chosen country. For example a China 401 toll free number is a single phone number which opens up access to every corner of China.

For those who prefer to target their marketplace more tightly an international regional number (PSTN) may be best. This number is region specific and, unlike Freephone and National numbers are capable of being dialled from a mobile. Whatever number range chosen, calls can be seamlessly diverted to your office base in London or elsewhere; thus enabling businesses to trade overseas without having the expense of setting up a local office and helping to expand the UK’s export trade.

Written by Alison