A Hi-Tech Nation

Our thanks go out to the Daily Gazette which informed its readers recently that a man was due to appear in Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court charged with seven offences including attempting to steal a telephone kiosk. Whilst we’re not aware of the background to this case we wonder if the man had heard of the latest Ofcom research which revealed us as a nation which loves its hi-tech gadgets and he decided to go one better.

Actually the Ofcom research mainly related to our TV viewing habits. According to Ofcom we lead the way in using technology to enhance our TV experience, including internet TV, smart TVs and digital video recorders.

With the UK being one of the first countries to switch to digital TV, the Ofcom report reveals that we have wholeheartedly embraced the possibilities which digital brings us by watching TV on demand, catching up later and recording programmes for later use. And whilst we are behind the USA when it comes to high definition TV (41% against 49%) we lead the USA in our take up of smart TVs (15%).

But it is not just in the TV sphere that we are starting to embrace the benefits which digital can bring. Businesses too are becoming aware of the benefits to be gained from internet telephony. When a virtual switchboard can provide all of the benefits of a sophisticated PBX for a fraction of the cost, using modern technology to enhance our phone systems is a win-win solution for business telephony.

The ease with which a virtual switchboard can be programmed, together with functions such as time of day, can totally transform the way in which a business uses its telephones. Making calls over the internet (VoIP) can dramatically cut call costs, ushering in cost effective telephone marketing. Information lines can cut down on employees having to repeat the same message over again whilst premium rate lines can help to pay for part of the cost of running a help desk. And programmable call transfer protocols mean that calls need never go unanswered again.

As we become more aware of the possibilities which digital can bring we become less accepting of systems which don’t take advantage of those possibilities. Switching to a hosted telephony system which makes use of digital technology means businesses can not only save money but improve their service offering; two prime reasons why embracing hi-tech phone systems is good for business.

Written by Lawrence Gow