About VoIP And Our VoIPinclusive Service

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is basically the technical way of saying internet phone calls. It is also known as internet phone or broadband phone.

When a phone call is made over the internet, the data is broken up into little pieces and transmitted to the other end before being re-assembled. This happens almost instantaneously, so the people having a conversation don’t even notice.

VoIP has been increasing in popularity in recent years, mainly due to the availability of high-speed broadband connections. In a world where most people can download and stream HD films and videos over the web, making consistently high-quality, reliable phone calls is a simple task.

When most people think of VoIP, they initially think of services like skype, where you make calls from one computer to another. In fact, you can also get VoIP enabled phones, so there’s no need to be logged on to your PC if you want to make a call.

Here at Callagenix, one of our more popular services is an all-inclusive VoIP service which includes these VoIP phones (and everything else you need) as part of the package.

What’s Covered by VoiPinclusive?

We understand there’s always a lot going on in your business. You want to focus on looking after your customers, creating new products and generating more sales.

The last thing you want to spend your time doing is worrying about your phone system and what your calls are costing you.

That’s why we came up with VoIPinclusive – the simple way to fix your phone charges and manage your phone system.

VoIPinclusive is also very flexible and it's easy to add more users, numbers, and services as your business grows. Again, we will supply all the required equipment included as part of your fixed monthly fee.

Having a set monthly payment for your phone system allows you to budget your expenses. You'll also avoid any costly surprises due to maintainance and repair, as all that is automatically included. There's no additional equipment for you to buy or maintain. 

So, what’s included in the package?

1. Your calls.

All calls to UK landlines and mobiles are free, up to an hour in duration. Calls to over 100 international destinations are free too.

The exceptions to this are calls to 07 personal numbers, 08 local and national rate numbers, and 09 premium rate numbers.

We do have a fair usage policy, but this isn’t something most regular businesses will never have an issue with. The fair usage policy is only in place to prevent call centres and very high usage businesses from taking advantage of the low rates by hammering the service non-stop for hours every day. If you're not sure whether you'd be covered, we'd be happy to review a recent bill and confirm things before you start.

Incidentally, if you run a call centre and want to use our service we can still help you out, but we’ll need to set things up differently – please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

2. All Equipment

There’s no need for you to go out and buy an expensive pbx and all the handsets you need as we supply all the equipment for you, included as part of your monthly payment.

As well as the phones themselves, we provide a router and the required number of base stations.
In addition, you also have access to a Callagenix hosted switchboard. This is an easy to use but sophisticated virtual pbx you can use to manage all your numbers, extensions and services. Whether you just want a few simple voicemail boxes, or a complex phone menu system with hunt groups and time of day services, you can create your perfect phone system with Callagenix.

3. One or more virtual phone numbers

When you sign up with VoIP Inclusive, we’ll give you a new phone number (or numbers) for free. This can be a regional number (01 or 02) or an 03 number. Alternatively, you could choose an 0844 number and make 2p/min every time somebody calls you. Other number ranges are available at a small extra charge if you’d rather than have, say an 0800 or 0870 number. Please contact us for details.

If you’d rather keep your existing number that’s fine too – you can either forward calls to your number on to our services, or else port in up to 5 numbers to Callagenix from BT for Only £15 month.

4. Broadband

Your broadband service is also included in your monthly payment. Before starting your service we check to make sure you have enough bandwidth to comfortably handle VoIP for all required users on your line.

5. Installation

We will install your system at one of your sites included in your set up price. If you have more than one site we’ll show you everything you need to know to get set up at your other locations too. 

6. Support

We’re always at the end of the phone for you if you need us. We don’t charge for our support either.

7. Callagenix Online Management Portal

Run your phone system via our online dashboard. Add new numbers and extensions, add new services, set up call diverts, manage voicemails, etc. Our flexible and robust system gives you full control over your telephone system.

What’s NOT Included?

Whilst we have tried to include everything in our package, there are a few extras not covered:

1. Calls to 08, 07, 09 numbers

There are additional charges to local and national rate numbers (e.g. 0845, 0870), 070 personal numbers, and 090 premium rate numbers.

2. Some international numbers

Although most international calls are free, some may not be included. please contact us to confirm whether the countries you're likely to be calling are covered.

3. Calls over 1 hour in length.

All calls under 60 minutes duration are free but if you go over an hour you will be charged. Of course, you could always hang up and then call back straight away.

4. Number porting

For £15 / month you can port in up to 5 numbers from BT and use them with your VoIP service.

If you'd like to upgrade your phone system and get it for a fixed monthly payment, then why not contact us today to find out more? We'll talk you through the options, help you set it up so it works best for you, and tell you up-front what's included and what it will cost going forward.

Please call us today on 0333 247 0000 or email sales@callagenix.com to get the ball rolling.

Written by Matt