Are you there?

The Glastonbury Festival this weekend heralds the start of an event packed summer. The Ashes, Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix are only a few of the headline acts which will call people away from the day-to-day routine.

For some, attendance at special events necessitates an amount of holiday juggling, trading precious annual leave time in return for a chance to experience the best of British entertainment. Others however, will be able to mix business with pleasure; entertaining and meeting with clients at various venues or taking advantage of a flexible working day to steal a few precious hours to enjoy their choice of sport, art or music event.

In fact, flexible working is very much becoming the name of the game in many business spheres. Working 9 to 5 in the office has been replaced by working from home or from alternate locations such as the cafe down the road, the car between client meetings or any one of a number of drop-in offices. The expectation that people will work set hours has also changed with the emphasis being far more on completing tasks than on the time taken.

But this flexibility does bring challenges for businesses. If your employees could be anywhere then you need to have a robust telephone system in place which will maximise contact availability. For a one-man band the answer could be as simple as a straight telephone divert but the larger the business, the more important it is for telephone answering and call handling pathways to be well structured.

For some, the straight call divert system may be the answer. Calls to a single number can be forwarded to any other number, be it mobile, landline or even overseas number. Divert settings can be easily changed either online or by phone. Larger companies may prefer to consider the group divert service as an option. This enables call handling to be set up in any configuration required with changes made online.

Perfect for companies with multiple offices or with large numbers of people who regularly change location, group divert can even be set to call individual numbers in turn before forwarding the call eventually to an answerphone or outside virtual assistant service. For example, the group divert program may be set to call the office first, mobile second and home number third before defaulting to voicemail.

With phones on divert to ensure those vital calls still come through and Wi-Fi taking care of our Internet needs there is little reason to stay in the office this summer.

Written by Alison