Backing a Winner

Those who follow the sport of kings in any capacity soon learn to appreciate the rhythm of life.  Whether racing over the flat or over jumps the years roll onwards in a pattern of seasons, of expectations building and of lulls in a way which is almost hypnotic in its progression.

At the time of writing we are in the midst of one of those most turbulent of times.  With Cheltenham having passed in a blaze of glory and the Grand National meeting at Aintree a few scant weeks away we mark time on the one hand whilst we devour news and gossip about our chosen favourites on the other.

The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet.
- Damon Runyon

With two Grand National winning jockeys ruled out through injury the race is already attracting lots of attention with those who follow the sport avidly searching for those scraps of information which could indicate how the race will turn out.  Whilst some will seek knowledge from newspapers or online, others will turn to tipster lines for their news.  Tipster lines are information lines which play callers the latest tips as recorded by the tipster.  Tips can be uploaded as frequently as required and with tipster lines able to accommodate multiple simultaneous calls there is no restriction on volume use.  Multiple options are also available so callers can ‘press 1 for jockey news’, ‘press 2 for race news’ etcetera.

Those who offer tipster services generally opt for a premium rate line, enabling them to generate revenue from callers.  However, some operate along club lines with members paying a regular premium in return for access to tips.  For these the preferred option may well be to align a standard rate number alongside a PIN entry service. 

Of course, tipster lines are not confined to horse racing.  Football, F1 Grand Prix, Rugby; any sport or event which attracts attention can potentially be linked to a tipster line.  Those who opt for a premium rate tipster line will have to comply with the PhonePay plus regulations but subject to phone charging limits live racing tipster lines don’t require prior permission.

Who will win the Grand National?  We’ll leave that question to racing experts and concentrate on what we do best; providing high quality and flexible phone solutions.

Written by Alison