Brexit and International Phone Numbers

Of course, the fog of uncertainty hasn't completely lifted yet, and there may yet be a delay or even cancellation of the UK's departure from the EU.

However, what is certain no matter what happens next, is that the UK will continue to trade with countries in the UK and the rest of the world.

With this in mind now is an excellent time to ensure your business is ready to deal with any changes that may occur. Nobody knows exactly how things will change as regards agreements to set up and manage international phone numbers, but it would make sense to get things set up before the UK departs, as any changes aren't likely to be applied retroactively.

International Phone Numbers

If you do any business overseas it is well worth considering adding international phone numbers to your business to ensure your clients abroad can still contact you easily.

You can choose from a wide range of numbers across Europe and the world. The number ranges available to you do vary by country, but for Europe especially you can generally choose from a wide range of regional numbers for each country, as well as a different types of national numbers, such as freephone numbers and premium rate numbers.

There are even universal international freephone numbers which cover many countries - the root number stays the same, whilst the country specific freephone prefix changes depending on where the call originates.

If you're not sure which numbers are best for you, we recommend getting in touch so we can guide you through it.

Handling Your Calls

Of course, choosing a number (or numbers) is only the first part. Once you have your number set up, you then need to decide how to handle calls made to that number.

If you have an office or representative in each country you can simply divert all calls to them to answer. Equally, if just as straightforward to divert all calls back to your office in the UK where they can be answered by your international sales and/or customer support team.

It's also possible to set up more advanced call handling solutions, such as diverting calls to one office at certain times, then another after that. For example, we have clients who operate 24 hour support lines in many different countries. They have call centres in a few different countries, and calls to each of their support lines are automatically diverted to whichever call centre is active at that time.
It's really up to you how you choose to handle your calls. Again, we're happy to advise if you need advice on what's possible and how best to set things up.

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International Numbers

Written by Matt