Brexit, International Trade And Your Business

With the shock of Britain’s vote to leave the EU still headline news, now is a good time to consider how your business can benefit by focusing on international trade.

Virtual OverseasPhone NumbersEarly indications are that Britain will retain access to the single market in some form. If this does turn out to be the case it is, of course, great news for UK businesses that already trade across the continent. Many EU businesses that trade in the UK will also be pleased to see this continue.

What is less clear is how Britain will trade with the rest of the world. With the opportunity to negotiate deals with non-EU countries, it could be an interesting time for UK businesses, with many opportunities as new markets open up.

Virtual international phone numbers can help boost your profile

What is certain is that our range of virtual international phone numbers can help you promote your business overseas. We offer thousands of toll-free numbers, regional numbers, national rate numbers and even premium rate numbers in over a hundred numbers worldwide.

If you do business abroad (or want to), we can help you establish an overseas presence, even if you’re not physically located in each country you serve. The reverse also applies to international businesses wanting to operate in the UK market – our range of UK virtual phone numbers can help you reach potential customers and partners here.

All our virtual phone numbers are based in the cloud and are not tied to any one physical location. They can be used in combination with our hosted phone services to help you build the international phone service you need. Whether you just want to divert calls back to your UK head office, or set up and connect a number of 24 hour call centres across the globe, we can help you do that.

To explore your options and discover what’s available in each country please contact us today for an informal discussion.

Written by Matt