Broadening Horizons

Speaking to the FSB annual conference The Chancellor, George Osborne, called on small businesses to join in taking on “the forces of stagnation” and to create “a Britain open for business and to the world.”  Citing measures taken by the government to help small business George Osborne said that whilst good progress has been made more needs to be done.

The Chancellor said that measures such as combating the burden of regulation, helping business to take on apprentices and opening up export finance pathways to smaller businesses have helped to increase UK trade.  However, only 1 in 5 UK SMEs export, compared with a European average of 1 in 4.  

Closing his remarks The Chancellor praised the “energy, creativity, innovation and courage of Britain’s small businesses.” And it is certainly true that those businesses which have survived the recession are the ones which have learned to adapt, to maximise resources and to flex with market conditions.  Work smarter not harder may be a cliché but it is one which has a strong element of truth for all those who seek to stay afloat in a sinking marketplace. 

Luckily technology has also moved on, giving businesses small and large the ability to contact their existing and potential clients in a myriad of ways.  Take bulk SMS text messaging for example.  With SMS bulk messaging one simple message can be sent out to numbers of people or businesses at the same time.  Studies have shown that the click through rates for SMS texts are higher than those for e-mail messaging, helping businesses to easily reach out to and interact with their customer base.  

SMS bulk texts can be pre-scheduled to maximise the effect of a marketing campaign and can as easily be sent to overseas numbers as to those in the UK.  But bulk texts are not just for customer interactions.  Businesses can also use SMS messaging as a key element of their disaster recovery plans; advising clients, suppliers or employees of the current situation.  Clubs, societies and community groups can use SMS bulk texts to keep members informed about the next meeting or changes to plans.  And SMS bulk texts can also be used by emergency planners and local bodies to warn of floods, road closures or high pollution levels.

Simple to set up, easy to operate; SMS bulk texts are one way in which working smarter can make a difference.

Written by Alison