Call Tracking Solutions

Yesterday, Google introduced a call tracking solution for its Adwords advertising program. This is a useful addition, allowing businesses advertising on their platform to track calls back to specific ads and keywords.

But what about other traffic sources?

Although a great way of getting visitors to your website, Google Adwords is only one way of helping prospects find out about your company. For many businesses, online advertising (and Adwords in particular) is only one part of their marketing strategy.

If you do offline advertising, for example with leaflets, in newspapers, magazines, or directories like the Yellow Pages, how can you find out what is working well and what is a waste of money? That’s where our low-volume, multi-number packages come in.

With these packages you can get an allocation of phone numbers to use, so you can use a different one in each place you advertise. All numbers divert calls back to your main number or to anywhere else you like. Each number also comes with inclusive minutes as part of the price, so you can test out new advertising opportunities quickly without committing a lot of money.

You can track the number of calls made to each number in your online control panel, allowing you to see which of your adverts is bringing in the best response. This is vital information to have when you are planning where to spend your marketing budget in the future.

Of course, if one of your adverts proves to be particularly successful, you aren’t limited to the inclusive minutes provided as part of the package. Once your allocation has been reached, your prospects will still be out to call you as normal and any extra minutes used will be billed to your account as normal.

When you set up your plan, you can choose to use any number range you like. For example, you might choose to go with the recognisable 0800 freephone range, regular 01 / 02 numbers, or the increasingly popular 03 non-geographic number range. Whichever range you select, and however many numbers you need, we can create a package designed especially for your requirements.

Call us today on 0333 247 0000 to tell us what you need and we’ll talk you through the options.

Written by Alison