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Back in the day business telephony infrastructure was expensive, complex and took precious time to setup. The telephony and communication playing field has changed. Using out-dated telephone systems can hinder your business growth.  Any business from the self-employed to the large enterprise can understand how time equals money.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has changed the world of communication. A technology that utilises your existing broadband connection, it provides the opportunity to receive and use a range of services that for years were too costly, and beyond the reach of the majority of businesses, yet today can be wielded by both the self-employed and enterprise alike.

Callagenix a leading UK telephony provider offers a wide range of services, including VoIP and firmly places you in the driving seat of the best telecoms solutions available. Enabling you to grow your business and providing the right telecommunications solutions for your business. Our range of services contributes toward extending your horizons, rather than you working with limited old technology, limiting your productivity.

Callagenix services such as our Virtual Assistant service and Virtual Switchboard are “game changers”. Gone are the days of astronomical priced hardware, weeks of delays waiting for new services and hardware.

Callagenix enables businesses to establish an international presence with international phone numbers. Saving you the costs of opening offices aboard, yet allowing you to target international trade.

A provider of 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 and other prefixes allows you to set the right “tone”. The difference between a busy telephone line or sitting for the calls that rarely come. The difference between revenue from calls or increased administration costs crippling your firm.

Phone services such as answer phone, call forwarding and transfer, just the tip of the iceberg of Callagenix’s comprehensive range of services. A range of services that present value for money and without lengthy installation times.

Callagenix can support your business at its different stages of growth, ensuring that your investments in your communication infrastructure go towards extending and improving, rather than the traditional cycle of replacing old for new. Using your existing broadband infrastructure to help you and your team work better together, with prospects or clients, and is therefore an enabler of development and growth as well as a better communication experience.

Make the right call - Callagenix

Written by Imran
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