Calling charities

The Prime Minister’s announcement of the reduction in Covid regulations in England is, hopefully, a sign that the country can start to look forward to a gradual return to the freedoms we enjoyed before Covid struck. As we return to a more ‘normal’ way of living, we also should start to see the unwinding of certain practices which were ushered in to help to mitigate the immediate impact of Covid.

For example, the Charity Commission has announced that the practice of granting extensions to charities which have been unable to finalise or submit accounts on time due to the pandemic is to be wound down. Those charities which currently are in receipt of an extension will have until 30 September to file their accounts. Charities which, as of 30 June, didn’t have an extension in place can still apply for a fixed three month extension, as long as the application is received before the end of September.

The ability to delay the filing of accounts has been a lifeline for some charities, some of which may have had to resort to online or telephone communications only during the pandemic, or may even have had to close down some of their operations. Now that restrictions are easing charities, along with the rest of the country can start to look forward.

Although freedoms are on their way there will be some who, either through personal preference or underlying health or other reasons, may prefer to continue to restrict personal interactions for some time to come. For them, the phone could provide the support lifeline which they need.  

With that in mind, how can charities provide a telephone service which supports their aims? For a start they might want to consider adopting an 0300 charity phone number.  Reserved solely for charities and non-profit organisations, calls to 0300 numbers are generally free within ‘minutes’ phone packages. Not only that, 0300 numbers stand out, giving callers the reassurance that they are calling a genuine organisation.

Encouraging people to pick up the phone and call an 0300 number is one way of delivering charitable aims. Charities also have to consider the costs which they may incur when making outbound calls, perhaps to potential donor or to those in need of help. The greater the cost savings, the more funds will stretch to provide assistance to those in need. That’s why Callagenix is happy to offer charitable organisations a discount both on regular service costs and call charges. By helping charities to keep their phone costs low, we know we are helping them to further their aims. And whilst there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ charity, phone services which might help to further charity aims include a virtual switchboard, answerphone, phone divert, and a record of calls.

Reducing Covid regulations is only the start of the road back to normality. Many people and organisations have been affected over the past fifteen months and it could take some time for them to recover. That’s why the work carried out by charities is so vital at this time and why we are please to support them with a discounted service. 

Written by Alison