Calling for charity support

In the season of goodwill perhaps it is only natural for our thoughts to turn towards helping others, either in our local community or elsewhere across the globe. Some fundraising efforts, such as the annual Children in Need Appeal or the current Daily Mail campaign to encourage people to sign up to volunteer with the NHS, receive national publicity.

On the other side of the coin many smaller charities across the UK are reliant on the day-to-day goodwill of volunteers and local people in order to keep going. So much so that a survey conducted for the Weston Charity Awards revealed that when it comes to small charities three quarters of leaders admit that worries over funding kept them awake at night. Nevertheless, despite these concerns and the current uncertain climate more than three quarters of charities are looking to expand their services in the forthcoming year.

One government initiative which may help smaller charities to receive the publicity which they need is Local Charities Day. Sponsored by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Local Charities Day on the 14th December provides a chance for charities with income of less than £1m to publicise the work which they do and to attract volunteers. According to the website the only proviso apart from the income criteria is that charities should be registered with the charity commission and are local, working predominantly in one region of the UK.

Individuals who are interested in helping a local charity can go on the website, search on the charities registered and pledge their time in support of their chosen charity. The initiative also provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on local charity champions; those individuals who “go the extra mile for their charity, the people and causes they support.”

Initiatives such as Local Charities Day may be good for raising awareness but they are only effective if they lead to an increase in year-round support. Recognising the valuable work which charities do across the UK Callagenix is pleased to offer charities access to discounted rates alongside charity 0300 telephone numbers. These numbers are reserved for charities and other non-profit making organisations, enabling them to promote the charitable aspect of their work. And with 0300 charity numbers being charged at a local rate, they are normally free for ‘inclusive minutes’ landline and mobile packages; make it easier for people to pick up the phone and either call for help or offer their services.

The discounted rates which we offer to charities are akin to those normally offered to large corporate bodies. The services on offer range from simple answerphone or message notification services to more complex systems including virtual switchboard and group divert. Online management and call data records are also available, helping charities to ensure that they are making the most of their telephony outreach work. And because we recognise every charity will have a unique offering, we are happy to work with charities in order to devise a package which best meets their own particular circumstances.

Written by Alison