Can You “Bear” to Make That Call?

Our thanks go to the BBC for the tale of the Polar Bear which was scared by a mobile phone.

Apparently as the bear pounced on an unlucky Canadian citizen, the man pulled out his mobile phone to call for help. Startled by the light the bear fled leaving the man with only a few cuts and grazes to show for his experience.

Luckily bear attacks are rare but the tale did make us wonder what other unforeseen side-effects can be laid at the door of the humble telephone.  If the phone could speak about its 136 year history, what would it boast was its finest, or most infamous, hour?

And before we rush to YouTube to view pictures of cute animals being scared by a phone call, let’s take a slightly more serious look at one effect of the telephone, that of phone phobia.  A recent survey suggests that 54% of Britons suffer from “nomophobia,” the fear of losing their phone, losing signal or of running out of battery; but hidden among the rest of the population are those who are scared of making or taking a call.

The reasons for the fear of calls are numerous and individual and range from having to deal with the unknown to anxiety caused by the potential cost of a call.  Luckily where the latter worry is concerned, those who are able to take advantage of internet telephony, or VoIP, can make calls in relative security.  VoIP calls are made over the internet and can cost a fraction of the normal landline charge.  Those individuals or businesses which find themselves making substantial numbers of calls can generally make a substantial saving in calling costs if they switch to VoIP calling.  Whilst VoIP to VoIP calls are the most cost effective, even VoIP to landline calls can result in savings over calls made between two landlines.  In some instances VoIP to VoIP calls can even be free of charge.

This means that businesses which switch to internet telephony can once again use the phone for sales and marketing and for establishing and maintaining a rapport with clients and suppliers.  Provided the bandwidth is there, setting up a VoIP system is simple and can soon result in anxiety free calls.  There may not be a handset which is specifically designed to frighten bears but with a choice of VoIP and landline phones or VoIP only phones businesses can match their phone to their requirements as they take advantage of the savings available via internet telephony.

Written by Alison