Charity Begins Online

HMRC has announced that 50,000 charities and Community Action Sports Clubs (CASCs) have signed up to its Charities Online service.  Established with the aim of speeding up the payment of Gift Aid in respect of donations, HMRC estimate that the turnaround time for payments has now fallen from twenty-nine days to just nine days.

Although 20,000 charities have still to sign up for the online service, those which have are also reporting a reduction in processing time with one charity estimating this at around 25%.  With smoother processing and faster payments the Charities Online service seems to be one initiative which has benefitted those whom it was designed to serve.

Despite the British public being one of the most generous nations in the world, the recession has inevitably placed a huge burden on the charity sector.  Nor only from the point of view of reduced donations, but also from charities being expected to take up the slack from cuts in public services.  To this end, anything which can help to cut costs, administration time or speed up donations is welcome.  In fact HMRC estimates that since the scheme was launched last year, Charities Online has paid out over £380 million in gift aid repayments.

But gift aid only comes through interaction with donors.  Charities therefore need to leverage every means at their disposal to make it easy for potential donors to contact them.  One such means is the availability of 0300 telephone numbers for charities.  Costing the same as a local call, the benefit of an 0300 telephone number is that it is generally included within tariff minutes, even when dialled from a mobile.  This means that it is easier and cheaper for potential donors to call and the use of an 0300 phone number also signals to callers that this is a recognised charity, or other governmental organisation.

Callagenix recognises the vital role which charities have played throughout the recession and are continuing to play in the recovery.  We therefore have instituted a special package for charities to help them to play their part in society.  The package includes a substantial discount off our regular service costs as well as reduced call charges.  We usually only make these discounts available to larger organisations which have substantial call volumes but believe that the value of charities to society justifies the discount offered.

0300 numbers are only the start and by combining them with other telephony services, charities can maximise their potential to reach out to both donors and recipients.  If you’d like to find out more about our charities package then get in touch on 0333 247 0000 or

Written by Matthew Guise