Choosing the Right Phone Numbers

Welcome to 2015. As one year turns into the next it signals a time of reflection, of looking back at what went well, or not so well, in the past year and of making plans to make the succeeding year even better.

Sometimes those plans signal times of great changes; of mergers or expansion, of diversification or of taking on fresh markets. At other times plans may be more modest in conception but no less important. But underpinning all of these great schemes, there are some smaller changes which businesses can make; all of which can make a measurable difference to the success of the business over the long term.

Take phone numbers for example. Are you still using the single number which was allocated to you when you first started up? If you are then you are potentially missing out on a marketing resource which could stand you in good stead in the forthcoming year. Do you provide local services, then a local number may be best for you but you also may want to consider a freephone number. Do you offer your services more widely; covering a number of phone regions then why stick with a single area code and number? And if you are looking to attract callers from across the country or even from overseas then there are a number of national and international numbers to choose from.

With all of this choice on offer the most important consideration is picking the right mix of business numbers for your organisation. And the best bit is that you don’t have to pay for separate landline rental for each one.  Numbers can be advertised as appropriate with calls being seamlessly diverted to any other number or combination of numbers. For example, calls to a French national number could be diverted to the French section of your office, whilst calls to a London number are diverted to another department entirely. 

Whether you call them New Year resolutions, business plans or just wish lists doesn’t matter. The important thing for your business success in 2015 is that you do have plans in place and that those plans are backed up by strong communication and marketing infrastructures. So if you are still working on that one original phone number it may just be time to think again and pick marketing advantage from the array of options which are waiting for you.

Written by Alison