Clearing Phone Calls

With A level results just a few hours away The Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) has urged teenagers to keep “pushy parents” away from the phones when it comes to managing the clearing process.  As part of wide ranging advice covering the options available if better or worse grades than expected are received the GSA recommends that teenagers talk with their parents but then manage the clearing process themselves.

The advice given includes headline guidelines including “This is not the time for emotion,” “Take time to evaluate” and “Don’t accept something you don’t want.”  However it is the message about teenagers making the phone calls themselves which takes the top spot.

Commenting on the site, Clare Reseigh, head of sixth form at St Gabriel’s School near Newbury , says: “If you have to ring universities to confirm or re-negotiate your place, it goes without saying that it must be you who calls. Under no circumstances allow your parents to call on your behalf because that will send entirely the wrong message about your maturity and commitment.”

For many teenagers the clearing phone call may be the first “business-like” call which they have had to make.  Those who are completely at ease when chatting on the phone with friends may find the thought of telephoning strangers somewhat daunting but it is a skill which they will have to master when they step into the world of work and the sooner they start the better.  So here are a few top tips for making those important first calls.

Firstly do your research.  Look at your options and list out your qualifications and interests so that you can be concise in your requirements.  Then write down what you want to say and any questions you need to ask.  This may seem somewhat cold but you may only get one chance so make the most of it. Finally, remember the person on the other end of the phone is there to help you to make the best start you can so swallow your fear and get on with the call.

For businesses which are taking on new employees our final top tip is to run a telephone handling and familiarisation course.  New employees at any level will benefit if they have mastered the organisation’s particular phone answering methodologies and call transfer processes.  Run the course alongside an induction programme which helps employees to understand the different departments within the organisation and you will find that your new employees will soon be chatting away to customers and suppliers without fear.

Written by Alison