Conference Calling Cuts Costs and Saves Time

Callagenix along with millions of others has been using it’s Conference Call facility to natter about the build up of excitement in the cabinet (political – not kitchen) and we’ve spotted that David C’s not fretting about how he’s going to keep on top of Nick’s Lib-Dem demands. Seems he’s got it together with what’s important to the people and using his head by treating the whole event with a note of calm.

You can bet that sheer weight of meetings will mean streamlining the traveling process, cutting costs and keeping the pound in the public pocket, just what we at Callagenix advocate with our Conference Call service. This service saves literally millions of pounds in traveling and related costs, time and money that frankly these days is hard to justify. You need the meetings, you need to talk to people, but you don’t need the huge costs involved or to lose a day traveling.

Make your budget work by using either our Public or our Private Access Conference Calling service. They’re both simple. You don’t need an account for our Public Access Conference Call service, it’s very simple to use and each person pays for his own call costs. You just call 0871 890 1234 inside the UK, +44 870 162 0685 outside the UK and select option 2 from the spoken menu. You’re then verbally provided with a PIN number which you distribute to those who will be on your conference call. At the pre-arranged conference call time all delegates telephone in on the original number, enter their PIN and join the conference.

Our Private Access Conference Call is just as simple except you choose your own dedicated conference call telephone number held by Callagenix including an 0800 number if you want to provide a free meeting for delegates, or a revenue generating 0871 number at 10ppm, adding security features CLI & PIN number recognition if you wish.

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Written by Imran