Connecting Digitally

Where do you turn when you want to keep in touch?  Do newspapers provide all that you need to know or do you prefer to keep up to date via the radio, or the TV?  Well according to an Ofcom report digital news has overtaken news print for the first time.

Whilst figures vary across the age ranges, on average 40% of us turn to newspapers to keep in touch whilst 41% of us look at apps or online information and just 36% rely on the radio.  TV news stays well out in front with 75% tuning in although 44% of younger adults never access news feeds from television stations.

Like it or not the digital age is well and truly upon us and accessing news, and other information, via the internet is only going to grow further as more of us convert to smart phones and tablets.  One area of the internet which is really benefitting business is VoIP.  Making calls via the internet may not be particularly new but by harnessing internet technology and allying virtual switchboards to VoIP calls businesses can transform their telephony mix. 

Admittedly VoIP users need to have a reasonably stable broadband connection.  Uncompressed VoIP calls take up 64 kbps download plus 64 kbps upload bandwidth and you need to have bandwidth left over for normal internet use.  But the rewards can be substantial.  Callagenix to Callagenix VoIP calls are free, no matter where in the world the participants are and even VoIP to landline calls can prove cheaper than normal landline calls. 

For those looking for a stable price mix, VoIPinclusive may well be the answer.  With installation, training and equipment covered in the price users benefit from free calls* and a virtual switchboard in return for a fixed monthly charge.  VoIPinclusive is also expandable so if the business grows all you need to do is add on more users.

Making use of a VoIP hosted telephone system also stands a business in good stead if it is affected by a disaster such as fire or flood.  Hosted systems enable the user to log in to the online dashboard and then simply divert calls to any combination of alternate landline or mobile.  With SMS texting also available, it is easy to keep staff, customers and others in touch even when the office is out of action.  And if you want to keep up with the news, well a dedicated broadband connection is also included within the VoIPinclusive package.

*subject to fair use policy

Written by Alison