Cost Certainty

The news that inflation in December fell to 2.0% was a welcome start to the year, not least for the Bank of England who have been waiting since November 2009 for the level of inflation to match government-set targets.  Admittedly, a combination of cheaper food and pre-Christmas discounts were the main contributors, leaving those reliant on fuel and energy facing further rises.

Meeting the inflation target not only gives a mental boost to the markets and to business, it also potentially reduces the prospect of a rise in interest rates once unemployment is under control.  Analysts are also waiting to see what effect energy rises have on the January figure.

With inflation falling and output figures rising there is good reason to hope that 2014 will see businesses turn their backs on the past and look forward to a brighter future.  But there is no reason to be complacent and those organisations which take a good look at controlling costs alongside business expansion will be the ones to benefit most from the next business cycle.

Take telephony for example.  Expansion may call for marketing efforts, for increased customer calls and for a fresh impetus in liaising with suppliers.  For the unwary business this can add up to a sizeable increase in telephony costs unless steps are taken in advance to review systems and practices.  That is where services such as VoipInclusive come into their own.  With free calls (subject to a fair usage policy), VoipInclusive provides switchboard, telephony equipment, voicemail, fax, call conferencing and broadband as well as telephone numbers for a fixed price. 

No support or maintenance costs and a fixed price telephone package enables businesses to embark on their expansion drive without worrying about how much each call will cost.  And with a virtual switchboard programmed to optimise call responses, callers are more likely to be left with the impression that the business is highly professional in the way in which it cares about its customers.  Best of all, when the marketing drive has resulted in an increase in business and new employees are taken on; additional phones including calls can be added to the package as required for a fixed monthly fee.

Whether a business has a local presence or its catchment area is the entire world, VoipInclusive can make a difference.  With inflation down and business confidence high the chances are there. Fixed telephony costs can help businesses to take advantage of those chances with cost certainty.

Written by Alison