Dial in to Marketing

What is marketing?  In days gone by marketing used to be fairly straightforward.  You advertised, you wrote letters and pamphlets and that was pretty much it.  Fast forward through the years of the internet revolution and successful marketing efforts today are a far cry from yesteryear.

True, advertising is still in the mix and yes, you still might write letters and pamphlets but the advent of social media requires far more direct engagement with clients.  Nowadays you use twitter and facebook to push the message out.  You have conversations with your clients via social media networks and you use smartphones to connect with people on the move through your location.  

Innovating, engaging, conversing, sharing; all are now a part of the marketing mix with the brand image being as important as the product itself.  But it can be tempting in this social media age to embrace the new so much that you ignore older forms of communication.  The humble telephone can play as much of a part in your marketing efforts as social media does, particularly if you update your phone service to take advantage of internet telephony.

For example, let’s look at the choice of phone numbers which are available to organisations.  From toll free international numbers to local or national numbers, businesses are free to select a range of numbers which perfectly complements their marketing strategy.  And with these numbers either diverted to a set landline or managed via a virtual routing system, organisations can make it easy for callers to contact the person or department which is best suited to help them.  So, for example by using a universal international freephone number a business can advertise a single presence across Europe whilst incoming calls can be diverted to language specialists depending on their country of origin.

With the optimum mix of phone numbers generating leads, there is time to look at pre and after-sales services.  Information lines can be set to carry far more than simple opening hours or prices.  Mix information lines with an answerphone for brochure ordering or with multi-option selection for information on certain products or events.  With fully customisable messaging uploaded by voice or by text, you can easily keep your customers informed and updated.

It’s easy to get carried away by the immediacy of social media and in truth there are few businesses which can afford to ignore social media in their marketing plans.  But marketing should be a mix and making the most of the opportunities afforded by internet phone systems is also a vital part of the whole.

Written by Alison