GB phone home

After a year or more of lockdown it can be hard to know just what to pack when you go off on your first trip abroad. Do you take extra supplies of sanitiser or spare masks? What safety rules will you encounter on your travels and will they have changed by the time you return? Do you travel light, or is there a ‘safety blanket’ that you just can’t do without?

Think then of the poor Team GB organisers who have had to pack for the entire squad of 375 athletes and more than 500 coaches and support staff as they travel out for the Tokyo Olympics. Their packing list has probably had to be more comprehensive than a set of post it notes on the fridge.

Alongside necessary kit such as the high tech canoes and boats required by the Team GB athletes competing on the water, the list includes such ‘home comforts’ as Jelly babies, mattress toppers, and tea bags. They’ve even thrown in 450 tubes of polo mints for the horses competing in the show jumping and dressage events. And, just to add to the feeling of home, what trip would be the same without a red phone box in the luggage compartment!

It’s no wonder that the team finished up sending thirty shipping containers out to Japan. Of course, all of these items do have a serious purpose. The link between psychological safety and sports performance is well known. Providing some home comforts helps to ensure that Team GB competitors are mentally prepared for the contest ahead.

But the point about the phone box does bring up another thought. How, when you may be travelling around the world, do you stay in touch? Particularly when abroad on business, how do you ensure that messages and calls get through? Equally importantly, whether on business or holiday, how do you make sure that only those important calls that you can’t afford to miss get through whilst others are filtered out or sent to answerphone?

Luckily there are a few telephone options available that can help, and the best thing is that they don’t require you to pack any extra kit when you go away. Let’s start with caller pre-announce. Knowing who is calling puts you in control of your phone time, thereby reducing unnecessary interruptions and enabling you to focus on the task in hand.

Then there is the ‘calling Spain’ option. This transfers calls from your business number to a nominated phone line or mobile in one of more than twenty countries overseas. The divert number can be changed as often as you like; a good solution for those travelling around. Best of all, your callers needn’t know where you are; so whether you are on holiday or on a secret buying trip overseas, you can answer your call as if you were in your office.

You don’t have to be an international athlete to seek peace of mind when travelling overseas. We might not be able to ship a red telephone box with you but caller pre-announce allied to calling Spain and a few other options we have available could help you to have the peace of mind which comes from being able to stay in touch.

Written by Alison