Getting Social

The Government has published its ‘Social Investment Roadmap’ which sets out plans to “extend support in the tax system for the ways that people can invest in social enterprise”.  Having already announced that social investment tax relief will be available for private investment in charities, community interest companies and community benefit societies it now seeks to extend the scheme further.

Some of the plans within the roadmap are subject to EU approval and we will have to wait until the Budget for full details.  However, research from the Big Society Capital estimates that the measures could inject up to £500m extra investment into the sector in the next five years.

Although many charities have yet to embrace the social enterprise model, for those which seek to fund their social mission through trade the model can prove effective.  But social enterprise is just one arm of a suite of changes which have been implemented over recent years to help the charity sector in their mission.  Some, such as enhancements to the Gift Aid model have enabled charities to gain maximum benefit from their donations.  Others, such as the opening up of 0300 numbers to charities have made it easier for potential donors and recipients to contact their charity of choice.

0300 numbers are reserved for governmental departments, charities and non-profit making organisations.  Costing the same as a standard rate call, 0300 numbers are particularly effective in cases where contacts are likely to call from mobiles or from overseas.  Those wishing to apply for an 0300 number have to meet eligibility guidelines which have been set down by Ofcom.

In recognition of the benefit which charities bring to society, Callagenix has instituted a special package for charities wishing to take advantage of 0300 numbers.  Not only do we have a range of reserved 0300 numbers, we are also offering eligible charities a discounted service cost rate.  Together these will make it easier for callers to contact charities as well as helping to keep costs down and maximise the amount of income which is available for charitable work.

Let’s face it, calls for charitable help are ever increasing and the more good work which charities do, the greater the expectation.  Whilst the use of an 0300 number is an important first step, it is how a charity structures its overall telephony offering which can make a difference in the long run.  And there is no such thing as a traditional charity.  Some may undertake vital work from a small base whilst others may rival a large company in size.  Some will have offices across the globe whilst others offer access to a national call centre or even work solely in a local area. 

So because there is no such thing as a typical charity, Callagenix knows that there is no such thing as a standard charity telephony package.  That’s why we are happy to work with charities in order to devise a phone system which will work best for them.

In announcing the Social Investment Roadmap, David Gauke, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury said “The government wants to make the UK one of the easiest places to invest in social enterprises in the world” adding that the plans will “enhance the environment for social enterprise in the UK, creating the right conditions to allow the sector to thrive.”

Written by Neil Gow