Giving Something Back

As the Commonwealth Games winds towards a close it is time to salute some of the unsung heroes of the games, the volunteers. Giving up their time for no reward, these selfless people have guided, welcomed and looked after games participants and spectators alike.

The volunteer team were much praised following the London 2012 Olympics and no doubt the 15,000 strong Commonwealth Games force will come in for similar praise. But they are just the tip of the iceberg.  The UK is known as one of the top countries in the world when it comes to stepping in to help others through charity donations or giving up time and expertise.

Admittedly the latest Government figures show a slight fall-off in volunteering but even so 27% of us volunteer on at least a monthly basis and 41% volunteer at least once a year. Charity shops too are booming with the charity retail conference at the beginning of July attracting more participants than ever before.  But for those charities which are looking to attract donors or volunteers, there is a constant battle between maximising publicity and restraining costs.

Luckily in one area at least the battle can be fairly easily resolved. Charities have access to a special range of 0300 telephone numbers. These numbers are reserved for charities, other non-profit organisations and public bodies and by virtue of their 0300 prefix, they can be more easily recognised and remembered.  More importantly, with 0300 numbers being seen as a standard rate phone number, they are free to call for those with inclusive minute packages from landline or mobile. This makes 0300 numbers a much more cost effective option for callers, especially when compared to the 0800 range of numbers which charities traditionally used in the past.

Callagenix recognises the important part which charities play in the life of our country and therefore have put in place a special package for charities. This includes the use of 0300 numbers, a substantial discount on regular service costs and reduced calling charges.  Together these features combine to help charities to keep costs down and to make it easier and cheaper for callers to get in touch.

Whether volunteering time or expertise, making donations or working within a charity, all over the UK people are making a difference.  Charities play a vital role in society, providing services and support that would otherwise not be possible and with 0300 numbers at their side the reach of  charities is better than ever before.

Written by Alison