Is Your Business Prepared For An Emergency?

With the recent flooding fresh in mind, now is a good time to consider how you would cope if your business were affected by an emergency.

One of the quickest and simplest ways to prepare for adverse events is to set up a staff emergency line.


This is a dedicated phone number your staff can call to get updates on what to do if the worst should happen. With prices from £146/year there's no excuse not to.

The benefits of having a Staff Emergency Line as part of your business continuity plan include:

  • Staff can always get up to date information, so they know what to do.
  • Send out SMS notifications to inform staff when to call for updates
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity built in as the service is hosted.
  • Continue to receive calls even if your premises are out of action.
  • Flexible - can be updated instantaneously
  • Can be combined with other hosted services as part of your tailored phone system - with hosted numbers and services you can divert calls anywhere in an instant. You can even set up a mirror of your existing pbx, ready to swing into action should it ever be needed.
  • Great value - no expensive hardware to buy and maintain
  • To find out more about how you can prepare your business for floods, fires and other emergencies, please contact us today.

We’ve helped companies of all sizes across multiple industries find the right solution for them, and we're confident we can help you too. We suggest starting with an informal chat about your business to discover what you need, then we can outline the options available to you.

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Written by Matt