It’s Black Friday!

Well, it’s finally here!

Black FridayToday is the much anticipated / dreaded Black Friday, when retailers and businesses of all sizes offer special deals to entice people to buy. Whilst it is certainly popular, there is evidence to show that it doesn’t significantly help retailers over the long run. There may be a bump in sales on the day, but overall sales can dip in the run up to Christmas to compensate.

At Callagenix we prefer a long-term approach based on high quality services and setting things up properly to begin with. That’s why we focus on attracting and serving clients who know the value of high quality services.

If that sounds like you, maybe we should speak. We’ll help you work out exactly what you need from your phone service, then help you build it. The best part is that our services are incredibly flexible, so they can easily adapt to your changing requirements as your business grows.

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Written by Callagenix