Manning The Last Phone

There is something almost mystical about the way in which as soon as the majority of Britain’s schools broke up for the summer holidays the rains arrived.  Actually for the past few years it has sometimes seemed as though the rains have hardly stopped but after a blazingly hot spring and early summer, the schools broke up and down came the rain.

But rain or not, summer means holidays and holidays means a certain amount of rearrangement in office processes.  Yes, while half the office is sunning themselves abroad the rest are bravely manning the fort but what effect does that have on the people who matter most, the customers?

The fact is that customers tend to expect the same level of service whether the office is fully staffed or not.  This means that if phones are normally answered in three rings then phones still need to be answered promptly even if the few staff left are under pressure.  And what organisations tend to overlook is the fact that the automated transfers and hunt groups which worked well throughout the rest of the year may need a little tweaking to cover absences.

Luckily with the Callagenix call divert and group divert services, changing the caller transfer pathways is a simple process, making it easy for office managers to ensure that calls are not chasing round in an endless cycle of “call forward and repeat.” And for those businesses which need to transfer calls away from the main number; by using the call forwarding service managers can switch calls to mobile, to other landlines or to a virtual assistant service. 

So by taking a little time out to review the phone service, office managers can ensure that calls are at the very least switched to a dedicated call handler; helping to provide the high levels of customer service which clients have come to expect.  And by undergoing the process of identifying and adjusting call pathways businesses may well find some pathways which are no longer relevant.  In fact, just as homes and businesses can do with a good spring clean each year, it is also worth summer cleaning the phone processes, reviewing call answering procedures to make sure that if the business has moved on, the call methodologies are still relevant.

Calls taken care of, now it is time to sit back and enjoy the summer.  Now where is my rain coat!

Written by Alison