New Mobile Number Service Crashes

The ever so hyped and controversial 118 800 number which allows you to contact people on their mobile number, failed to work on is first day of launch. Due to a technical problem, people could not be put through to the mobile number that they were trying to reach.

The directory already stirred up controversy when it was first launched and campaigners are hungry once again. The company are said to hold around 16 million numbers in the database which have been bought from list brokers who in turn buy personal details from market research firms and online stores.

I can assure you that most of these people will not even have a clue that they are on the directory, it goes against privacy in so many ways. If all of this does begin to get popular then I can guarantee that a vast amount of people will be changing their numbers and not giving it out to anyone.

People already get so many cold calls and spam numbers ringing them without being on a directory, I can personally see the increase in spam calls going through the roof.

The new directory could probably even effect service providers, as customers in some way believe that the numbers have been passed on by the actual network provider, so what people will begin to do is leave their current network provider and switch over to another one.

Noone can predict how long the system is going to last, we could even see it collapsing after a few months if campaigners persist. We already have MPs and civil liberties campaigners; that are going against the current service and trying to get it closed down.

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Written by nilfg