Number Plus Service Equals Solution

The red telephone box. Once a regular sight in our towns and villages, like so much of the past it is gradually fading from view as its function is replaced by modern technologies. In its time, the phone box acted as a lifeline for isolated communities, summoned help when needed, and kept scattered families and friends in touch.

It is remarkable how a single telephone line in a well designed box has had a profound effect on the life of our country and in the process earned a place in our culture. So much so that communities are now bidding to keep their boxes even, when the line is removed.

But even when our phone boxes are no longer attached to phone lines, the idea behind them, the importance of open and available communication links lives on. For businesses in particular, there is an expectation that the phone will be answered.  So much so that unanswered calls can lead to a loss of potential business as dissatisfied callers go elsewhere. 

It doesn’t matter whether the business is a one man band or a multi-national conglomeration. The challenge is the same; what to do if no-one is there to answer. Luckily thanks to that same technology which resulted in the abandonment of phone boxes, businesses have a range of options to choose from. These range from the simplest option, that of diverting calls to another phone or to a virtual assistant service, right up to a virtual switchboard which is programmed with hunt groups, phone answering protocols or even follow the sun options.

One of the benefits of modern systems is that organisations are no longer confined to single phone numbers. With a choice of local, national and international numbers to choose from, businesses can align numbers with the phone answering services of their choice to create a solution which is right for them and for their customers. Even better, they can stay in touch whether they are working from the office or an alternate site, travelling between destinations or even abroad.

Virtual switchboards may not sit in a pretty red box, they may not even be seen as design icons which add to the UK’s heritage but they play just as important a part in the life of the country as did their predecessors. Quite simply, with services such as call management, call record and information lines at their fingertips, and a selection of phone numbers to choose businesses can be there for their customers, even if the office desks lie empty.

Written by Alison