Record Your Calls With Callagenix

If you need to record your calls, Callagenix can help.

call recordingWe have a range of services to help you record and store all your incoming and outgoing calls for as long as you need to. You can choose to do this on a call by call basis, or else automatically record every call you make and receive.

So, why would you want to record and store your calls?

Well, one reason is that you may be required to record your calls for regulatory reasons. In this case you need to make sure that all calls are recorded and stored automatically for the required timeframe in your industry. This is easy to do with Callagenix, and our intelligent storage solution makes it easy to find calls later on.

A second common reason is so you have a record of the calls for training purposes. Listening back to calls can help your support staff and supervisors identify what they are doing well and what could be improved. This is difficult to do whilst on the call, so dissecting the call later is a useful way to spot what’s working and what’s not. Particularly good and bad calls can also be used to train new employees on good and bad practices.

In addition to helping staff improve their skills, recording calls also provides proof later on if there is a dispute over what was agreed. You simply find the call in question and listen to it in order to find out exactly what was promised and what wasn’t, thus protecting your staff and customers and giving you the information you need to make the right decision.

Another reason to record your calls is so you can share it later, or use it for reference. For example, you might hold a conference call and want to make it available later to anyone who was not able to attend the call. Also, if you wanted to interview an expert in your market you could record the call and then add it to your website or itunes as a podcast. Similarly, if you hire a consultant for advice, it would be a good idea to record the call so you can listen back to it later to pull out any recommendations you may have missed whilst on the call.

The Callagenix Call Recording and MARR Service

Call recording is not turned on by default in your account. You’ll need to contact us to request this. Once activated, we’ll record all your calls (inbound and / or outbound, as required) automatically and store them online using our MARR (Message Archiving Recording & Retrieval) service. How long they are stored for is down to you, with one month being the minimum period.

The cost for storing your calls depends on how many calls you are storing and for how long. We’re happy to provide an estimate for you in advance based on your current call volume if you need one.

All your calls are time-stamped and can be searched for in a number of ways, such as time, date, number called etc., all through your Callagenix account. It’s straightforward to do this and you don’t need to be technically minded to use it.

The Callagenix Call Forward and Record Service

If you don’t want to record all your calls, but need to record selected outbound calls, you can use our Call Forward and Record service.

With this service, you set up an access number, which can be protected with a PIN if you like. Whenever you want to record a call, you simply dial your access number and then enter the number you want to call when prompted.

This service can also be added as a hidden option if you are using our virtual switchboard service.

When you have finished your call, the recording will be available for a limited time in your Callagenix mailbox shortly afterwards. You can then download it to your computer, listen to online or else use the MARR service to store it for an extended period.

Get started

As you can see, Callagenix offers flexible call recording options to match your requirements. If you want or need to record and store your calls, please contact us for an informal chat so we can advise on the best options for you.

Written by Matt