Rediscovering The Conference Call

In today's technology obsessed world there are plenty of ways for instant collaboration and discussion, so it's easy to overlook the humble conference call.

Conference calls are easy to set up and are very cost-effective and offer a number of benefits that web based messaging services sometimes don't.

Call Conference ServiceFor a start, for most people it's a lot quicker for most people to say what they want to say, rather than type it. Any ambiguity can also be cleared up straight away.

Not all communication is down to the choice of words used. Talking to somebody allows you to better express emotions and importance than emoticons ever will - this helps keep misunderstandings down to a minimum.

Talking is also a much friendlier and more personal way of communicating and can be good for building relationships and trust in a way that instant messages struggle to match.

If you just want a quick catch up with colleagues or customers, then our easy to use public conference call facility is all you need. There's no need to reserve a line and up to 50 participants can be talking / listening in in just a few minutes.

If your call is of a more sensitive nature, you can set up a private conference call on a dedicated number and only allow access to those who really need to be on the call. Access can be restricted by using a PIN and also only allowing calls from specified phones if required. You can also monitor who is on the call if you want.

No matter what your requirements, a conference call is a great way to keep in touch. Why not add a more human touch to your discussions and pick up the phone instead of just using an online messenger? Talk to us today to find out more.

Written by Matt