Regional Pride

As the 6 Nations rugby tournament winds to a close this weekend supporters can look back with pride on a sterling performance or reflect on what might have been.   Yet again the tournament has delivered some first class matches and a thrilling conclusion which in theory has three teams still fighting for the top prize.

We may be a United Kingdom but events such as this serve to show us how local loyalties and local pride still have their part to play in the diverse mix which is our nation.  Whether club or county or region, we like to support our local champions and engage with them in their struggles.

And it is the same in business.  Whilst some firms may benefit from being pan-global, others gain the support and recognition they deserve from providing a local service to local people.  When we call out a plumber to mend our Brighton tap, we don’t want them hot footing it from Bristol.  When we appoint an accountant to look after our Pinner tax affairs, we don’t want to have to deliver our paperwork to Penzance.  So local can be good and advertising a local presence is key to this success.

Unfortunately as those living on the boundaries of phone districts know, having a local number can also work against you.  Calls from just down the road don’t materialise whilst those from the far end of your phone code district can result in a long journey.  Or what happens when you work with a single head office and multiple service offices.  You need calls to arrive centrally but still to advertise locally.

This is where regional numbers can come into their own.  With UK regional, or geographic, numbers you can advertise a local presence whilst maintaining your office wherever it suits you.  Local, national, international or multi-national companies can all benefit from adding regional telephone numbers into their marketing mix.  Best of all, you don’t have to have a separate phone line to have a regional number.  A simple divert will send the call speeding to your destination of choice.  This means that even one-man-bands can advertise with a regional number and yet take calls on home phone or mobile with callers being none the wiser.

Trade locally, advertise locally; trade nationally, advertise locally.  With a regional number on your team you can build a winning marketing strategy for your business team.

Written by Alison