Remote Working Update

We’ve covered a few topics related to remote working recently, so now seems like a good time to summarise them and remind you how Callagenix can help during these unusual times.

First of all, a quick update on our conference call service.

Conference Calls

To help reduce the cost of our conference calls, we’ve swapped over our 0871 number conference service to an 0333 number conference service.

0333 numbers are the non-geographical equivalent to regular 01 and 02 numbers. Calls made to them are charged at the same rate as standard regional numbers, and they are also covered under any inclusive free minutes package you’ve signed up for with your landline or mobile company. They can also be called from abroad, so if you have any team members based overseas they can also join your call.


Our VoIP service keeps your team connected when they are working from home. Using a VoIP handset or an app on their phone or laptop, they can make and receive calls on your business phone system exactly as if they were sitting at their desks in your office.

The VoIP service is cost effective and very flexible, and you can easily add or remove extensions, virtual phone numbers and call handling services as your requirements change.

Virtual Phone Numbers

If you don’t want or need to switch to a full VoIP service, then using virtual phone numbers may be the solution. You can divert calls made to a virtual number onto any UK landline or mobile, and easily switch between different numbers. This way you can give out a number for people to contact you on without revealing your personal numbers.

You can use call whispering to tell it’s a work call before answering, and the time of day service to automatically send calls to voicemail during out of office hours.

Emergency Information Line

One of the services we normally recommend as part of a disaster recovery/business continuity package, this is usually a dedicated phone number attached to a recorded message. You can update the message as the situation changes, and people can dial in to hear the latest updates. It can handle hundreds of simultaneous calls, so everyone can stay informed. You can protect access to your Emergency Information Line with a PIN if required.

Bulk SMS Messages

Send out a text message to a list of people (such as employees, customers, suppliers, or whoever) with any important updates. This is often used to tell people to call in to the Emergency Information Line where you can share more information.

Virtual Switchboard

If you’re finding your existing phone system is not well equipped to deal with the current situation, you should consider switching to our cloud hosted services.

You can keep your existing number(s) and even add more if you need them. We’ll then help you build the phone system you need by choosing from our range of call handling services, and combining them together.

The central part of your phone system will likely be a virtual switchboard, which lets you handle calls in any way you want. Calls made to different numbers can be handled in different ways, allowing you great flexibility in how you choose to distribute your incoming calls.


For advice on which options are best for your business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. We have over 20 years experience helping organisations large and small, so we’re well placed to help you choose the right solution for you.

Written by Matt