Resistance to Change

There was a great article by Justin Jackson published on recently about how people are resistant to change, even when that change would benefit them immensely.

Resistance to ChangeThis is something we’re familiar with here at Callagenix. Even though we know our hosted phone numbers and services can benefit just about any business, we also know from experience that some businesses can be reluctant to start implementing changes that clearly make sense.

Familiarity is comfortable

One reason for this is that people tend to stick with what they’re familiar with, even if there’s a better option available. In fact, until the pain of things staying the same is greater than the pain of making a change, it’s less likely changes will be made. The exception to this is in forward thinking organisations that actively seek out better solutions and implement changes that optimise and improve situations without the need to descend into such pain first.

When changing your phone service it can (wrongly) feel like there’s bound to be great upheaval and hassle involved, even though in practice it’s usually a straightforward and simple thing. In fact, many of our clients look back afterwards and wish they’d made the switch much earlier.

Another common fear is that something will go wrong and your business will be left without a working phone number or system for an extended period of time. This is understandable with the phone being central to business operations, but in practice there’s no need to worry.

Set up and test before activating

Before your new phone service goes live we get everything set up in advance and check everything works properly using a test number. It’s then just a case of porting your number to us, or else forwarding it on to our system, either of which is straightforward. The end result is a seamless switch from your old system to your new Callagenix system. There is no disruption to your staff and your callers will not notice the switch, unless you’ve added any new call handling services to improve their experience.

Obviously, we’re biased here at Callagenix, but it really does make sense to switch to a hosted phone service. As well as a wide range of UK and international phone numbers, there are dozens of call handling services available to you, which can be combined to create the ideal phone service for your business.

Also, not only does a hosted service offer more options, it’s very flexible and can be scaled up or down or adapted to fit your changing needs in just a few minutes via your online control panel.

As an added bonus it’s usually a lot cheaper too – we’ve managed to save clients hundreds or thousands of pounds each year, whilst also upgrading their existing service to make it more efficient and customer-friendly.

The best way to discover if our services are right for you is to talk to us about what you need. We can then explain how we’d achieve that for you, as well as suggest other options you might not have considered.

Written by Matt