Roaming Abroad

The debate about the leadership of the EU may be rumbling on, but on a day to day basis our businesses and politicians appear to be growing ever closer to the international marketplace. From roaming costs to business exports the status quo is changing for the better.

With effect from the 1st July, the cost of using your mobile whilst travelling in the EU has fallen, with call charges falling to no more than €0.19 per minute alongside download costs which should not exceed €0.20 per megabyte and text charges capped at €0.06 each.* Be aware, charges for those travelling outside the EU are not covered by these new rates.

Ironically, for some the new capped rates mean that it is now cheaper to use their mobile phone abroad than within the UK and this may well result in a flood of mobile switches.  Moving on from roaming charges, Britain’s exports also seem to be on the up.  Data released at the end of June 2014 by UKTI reveal a, perhaps surprising, range of exports which were doing well in Q3 2013, when compared with the same quarter in 2012. 

Top of the list in percentage terms were sales of cricket and polo balls to Australia with exports rising by 438%, albeit from a comparatively low base. Ireland liked our umbrellas but also took quantities of apples, pears and ice-cream whilst France accounted for blackcurrants, balls and water-sports equipment.  Topping the list in monetary value was the 23% rise in the value of cars sold to China.

Whether selling leather footwear to Germany or exporting plasters and dressings to the USA; the easier you can make it for customers to contact you the better. Luckily with a varied choice of international numbers there should be something to suit every business. Choose from international freephone numbers, national numbers and regional numbers and then opt for calls to be diverted seamlessly to a UK base. With call charges from as little as 2ppm, it is easy to stay in touch with suppliers and customers alike. And when you are off visiting customers abroad, the ‘calling Spain’ option helps you to keep in touch with calls diverted to your chosen mobile or landline.

With a range of international phone numbers allied to a sophisticated virtual switchboard, the world is now a step closer. As UKTI says, Britain is “acknowledged as Europe’s best place from which to succeed in global business.”  With international dialling at our fingertips, who knows what will be added to the mix when the next tranche of international trade figures is released.

* quoted charges exclude VAT

Written by Alison