Securing Calls

How secure is your phone system? If you aren’t sure then now may be the time to find out, before fraudsters find out on your behalf. The long Christmas break is on its way and that means empty offices across the land, all ripe for a little phone hacking.

It’s a subject which we have written about before but it bears repeating simply because the losses can be substantial and yet protecting phone systems can be so simple.  So a little thought now means that business leaders can enjoy their mince pies safe in the knowledge that one part of their business, at least, is protected over the holiday period.

Even if you are one of the 75% of small business owners who are planning to work through the holiday period, checking out your phone security is still a worthwhile exercise. And with the Christmas Day/Boxing Day break this year on a Thursday and Friday, for those who are planning to take a break that means four days of empty offices. 

The trouble is that phone system security is seen as a ‘mañana’ task. When the system is installed people are too busy getting to grips with call hold, transfers and leaving voicemail messages to bother about changing PIN security from the factory setting. Before you know it, a year has gone by and the default is still set to ‘0000’ or a similarly easy to guess code. But take the time now to PIN protect your handsets and step one on the pathway towards a more secure system is complete.

Now look at your switchboard itself. How can that be protected? Again, depending on the model chosen there may well be a PIN security system built in or it may be possible to divert functionality away from unattended offices and in to an alternate site. If you can’t disable the switchboard in its entirety then take steps to protect calls to premium rate lines or to international numbers by setting up a PIN service.

Something as simple as combining a virtual switchboard with PIN protection can go a long way towards frustrating phone hackers this holiday time. And with phone divert on, your important customers can still get hold of you if they need to; provided, that is, you have decided to accept calls over the break. Finally, it is also worth reminding all employees of the importance of protecting handsets and SIM cards with call blocking and PIN protection. Then you can have a merry Christmas safe in the knowledge that your calling system is at least a little more secure.

Written by Alison