Simplifying Small Business Processes

By their very nature small businesses have limited numbers of employees with 75% having only one employee/sole trader. As a result managing the legislative burden can take a disproportionate amount of time and distract from day to day business activities.  With this in mind the Office for Tax Simplification (OTS) has recently undertaken a study into the impact of tax legislation on small business. Following that review it has issued ten core and eighteen supplementary recommendations all aimed at reducing the impact of tax legislation on small business.

The report takes in every aspect of business life from starting up to growing and finally dissolving the business. The recommendations are equally wide ranging, taking in the guidance available to businesses, integrated systems, PAYE, and the role of tax agents. 

Whether these recommendations result in real time savings for businesses is a matter for the future. In the meantime, as the report acknowledges “starting up in business is challenging in itself” with small businesses “facing many tax and regulatory challenges”. Anything which can help small businesses to streamline their processes or manage their systems effectively therefore has the potential to be of benefit.

That’s one reason why Callagenix not only offers a flexible and scalable telephone service for start ups and small businesses, it also provides access to additional services which will help businesses to make the most of their phone systems. For example, system users have access to call data including inbound and outbound call logs.  Not only can this data help business owners to understand the way in which their phone systems are currently being utilised, analysing the data can also help to indicate areas in which a tweak of the business phone package could help to save time; perhaps by implementing a company information line or by redirecting calls across the business in a different way.

Another feature which can prove beneficial is a suite of “how to” tutorials. Not only can these act as a back up to the telephone support which we provide, they can also help users to develop an understanding of the range of services on offer. This in turn complements our ‘try before you buy’ offer; helping businesses to optimise their telephone system at any stage in the business lifecycle. 

This optimisation is further enhanced by the way in which our phone services are designed to be flexible and scalable. In other words, businesses only need to opt for the services which they currently need with further services added to the package as the business grows. For example, a start-up business may only require a phone number, answerphone service and message notification. As the business grows and takes on staff, it is simple to add additional services such as phone extensions, a virtual switchboard, caller divert or a company information line. This ensures that at every stage the business has a phone system which works for it rather than one which acts as a cost burden.

Written by Alison